Aesthetic dentistry

laecheln blauScientific studies have shown that 80 % of German women and men think that good looks is important.

Impeccable teeth have been given a significant status. Those who were asked, thought that social acceptance, security with social contact such as food, talking, and kissing had priority in the quality of living.
Most of the people would be willing to accept a more expensive treatment, if there would be an aesthetic appealing result or fixed teeth.
Here the aesthetic dentistry falls into place. Teeth should besides helping to chew and speak, look good and give you a great feeling. Your special, individual, and very personal wishes shall become our priority.

The whole spectrum of dentistry may be addressed. As an example there are two disciplines of aesthetic dentistry which may be singled out:

  • Change of the tooth color
  • Change of the tooth shape

Also belonging to aesthetic dentistry are:


You do not like your tooth color after cleaning them? Then feel free to experience bleaching!


Substantial protective ceramic tooth tray. Beautiful teeth are the business cards to your personality.


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